Today I need Courage- How Committed is your team

courageIn SAFe and Scrum at every PI planning and at every sprint planning I always ask the team about there  commitment to the delivery, I ask them if they are willing to make a promise to the  Sponsors, Product Manager and the Product Owner, and most importantly of all promise to each other that they will do everything within our power to get this done. Its important they think about this decision, one of the many benefits of the fist of 5 (widely used in in SAFe) is a  give them a pause for thought. What the vote, assuming its a free vote will tell you what they really think. Tell you what the probability of success is.

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Scrum Master Interview Question #5

You have been asked to help setup a new team, and during discussions with the new PO shes ascrum-mastersks if we can run the daily standup’s one after the other, one at 0915 and the next at 0930. What are your thoughts.

How well do you think this will work ?

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Agile Coach Interview Question #4

What are three different scenarios where pairing could be used in a team.

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Failure is Easy – Gapingvoid

Failure is Easy

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Agile Coach Interview Question #2

Your new to an organization and you are assigned a team where the scrum master is in London and the rest of the team is in Singapore, what are the benefits of this configuration.

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Scrum Master Interview Question #4

You have a brand new Product Owner, you sit down to prepare for the next sprint planning, the Product Owner has already selected the stories for the next sprint, even prioritized them,scrum-masterl

3 Critical,
4 Very High,
3 Medium
2 Low.

How Happy are you ?

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Steve Jobs a Constructive Irritant

I am tired of people worshiping blindly at the alter of Steve Jobs. I am sure he would not see it as a good thing. He was without doubt a benevolent dictator, the truth is that there is as much to learn good and bad.

He was the great visionary, but also the great tyrant. There is no question what he achieved is great, and everyone needs to take a close look at how he worked, how he did things. He may not hamake-them-better-steve-jobs-picture-quoteve been following the philosophy of being a Constructive Irritant but its clear he felt that a degree of conflict , lets say irritation was a healthy thing to have in the work place. We should emulate the good but there is little point if its out of context, thus we must learn the bad also.  Assuming we don’t wish to repeat the mistakes.   Its the good and the bad that shows us the reality.

How Steve Jobs Broke All of Richard Branson’s Rules

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