About Me

constructive_irritent_mediumWelcome to My Monkey Brain, this is in many ways a personal site, a place where I keep various notes and ideas from my many years in Delivery and many years using Agile. My first experience was in August 1995 when I setup my first Kanban team. From  that point on I knew that the key to performance lives inside people heads, focus on mindset and the world is yours.  I have been lucky to work with some very talented and insightful people, I am not ashamed to say I  have learned an enormous amount from them. All of these tips, tricks and  techniques are proven in the field,  helping teams reach their  peak performance.

I myself am a work in progress with a rather poor memory so here is where I record my progress, here lies my memories,  much progress still to come its a long  journey, if I am lucky it will never end.

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