Scrum Master Interview Question #4

You have a brand new Product Owner, you sit down to prepare for the next sprint planning, the Product Owner has already selected the stories for the next sprint, even prioritized them,scrum-masterl

3 Critical,
4 Very High,
3 Medium
2 Low.

How Happy are you ?

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3 Responses to Scrum Master Interview Question #4

  1. Gretel says:

    Pretty happy, although – concern about capacity 2/3rd are must have and should haves

  2. wtmmb says:

    So which story is the one we want to focus on and get done first, which is the one we can drop if we get overloaded. Clustered prioritization creates a problem when you want teams to makes decision without going to the PO. When I have to make a choice which task do i do next and we have two stories of the same priority which one do I do.

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